Our hotel now has charging points for electric cars!

Chronicle and history

Even more than 140 years after it was founded in 1878, the Hotel Ertl in Kulmbach remains a place where tradition and contemporary comfort go hand in hand.

Chronicle and history

A journey through the decades

Our history is characterized by dedication, change and innovation, while we always do our best to offer our guests an unforgettable stay.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of our hotel and discover how a small inn became a cozy family hotel that still opens its doors to business travelers and holidaymakers alike.

Anno 1878:

Christian Zwerenz founds the inn called Parkschänke on the outskirts of Kulmbach. At that time, the road toll for the town of Kulmbach was still collected in the neighboring customs house.

Anno 1895:

His daughter marries Christian Zapf and the two take over the restaurant. Their daughter Johanna is born in 1898.

Anno 1923:

Josef Ertl, a butcher from Nuremberg, marries his daughter Johanna Zapf.

Anno 1961:

Walter Ertl, the son of Josef and Johanna Ertl, takes over the inn from his parents and begins to expand it. Three buildings are combined in order to be able to offer more guest rooms from now on.

Anno 1989:

Walter Ertl's son, Stephan Ertl, takes over the expanded inn and calls it Hotel Ertl in future.

Anno 1990:

Creation of parking spaces directly at the hotel and construction of garages

Anno 1992:

Stephan Ertl starts the fundamental renovation of the entire property in many areas. Catering rooms, ancillary and storage rooms and the kitchen will be completely renovated and equipped with the latest technology.

Anno 1994:

Core refurbishment of the rooms can be completed in all parts of the building.

Anno 2012:

Modernization of all rooms and dining areas.

Anno 2014:

Gradual refurnishing of all guest rooms and bathrooms.

Anno 2018:

All work on the new sanitary facilities in all guest rooms should be completed by the summer.

Anno 2022:

The rooms have been renovated and the hotel now has a PV system and e-car charging points.