Healing practice Ossmann

Gabriele and Reiner Ossmann. Alternative practitioner. The Pros. Over 40 years combined experience in an alternative medicine practice.

At a high level of diagnosis and treatment. Exceptional proprietary treatment concepts protected by the German Patent and Trademark Office against many diseases.

Safe, understood and well treated.


We all welcome you to a raft that you can not find again like this! We will float you through the idyllic God’s Garden on the Upper Main – you will spend about 2½ hours in beautiful nature.

As real rafters, we hammer every nail into our raft ourselves and thus build a magnificent piece every year for many guests, lots of fun and many trips on many tons of Frankenwald solid wood.

Franconian Forest Tourism

In its mission statement, the Franconian Forest Nature Park commits itself to quality tourism that takes special account of the concerns of nature conservation and respect for the identity and authenticity of the landscape and population.

Kulmbach Brewery

As KULMBACHER BRAUEREI, we feel committed to the claim of Kulmbach as a beer town day after day. To be the secret capital of beer is for us both a challenge and a promise to the “true” connoisseurs.

We feel committed to these above all else. For them we offer all our skills, knowledge and experience of our brewmasters from centuries of tradition to brew a first-class beer.


We welcome you to the old margraviate town of Kulmbach. The city at the confluence of the Red and White Main rivers is known for world-renowned beers, one of the most imposing castle complexes in Germany and, last but not least, as the city where entertainer Thomas Gottschalk grew up.

Bavarian Brewery Museum

On an exhibition area of over 3,000 square meters, you can experience first-hand the history and art of brewing beer. From the ancient Egyptians to the Romans and Celts, the path leads to the medieval brewing of beer by the monks.

You will learn how industrialization revolutionized and streamlined the brewing culture, and that brewing beer is still a fine art today – despite all the technology. …and at the end there is a tasting sip from our Glass Museum Brewery for every guest.

Nature stage Trebgast

Today’s association Naturbühne Trebgast e.V. emerged from the former Verkehrs- und Verschönerungsverein Trebgast and this was founded on May 30, 1892 by the Trebgast pastor Benker.

This foundation day was exactly 125 years ago, i.e. the area of the natural stage Trebgast looks back on 125 years of history.


Today’s association Naturbühne Trebgast e.V. emerged from the former Verkehrs- und Verschönerungsverein Trebgast and this was founded on May 30, 1892 by the Trebgast pastor Benker.

This foundation day was exactly 125 years ago, i.e. the area of the natural stage Trebgast looks back on 125 years of history.


One of the most beautiful castle ruins of the Franconian Forest is the Nordeck castle ruin. The ruin is located about two kilometers northeast of Stadtsteinach on a rocky outcrop in the Steinach valley.


The municipality of Rugendorf with its districts Eisenwind, Feldbuch, Poppenholz, Kübelhof, Losau and Zettlitz is picturesquely nestled at the foot of magnificent Frankenwald heights.

The village was first mentioned in a document in 1316 and has 1000 inhabitants.


Markt Presseck with its districts is an up-and-coming tourist community. With a charming landscape, magnificent mountain ranges with a wide view, idyllically situated valleys and an excellently positioned gastronomy, we have a lot to offer to those seeking recreation, hikers, vacationers and our guests.


Discover the cultural offer of the Lucas Cranach city of Kronach. Experience the living 1000-year history in guided tours or with the museum educational offer for young and old.

Or simply relax at the numerous festivals, concerts, exhibitions or the famous Kronach Faust Festival above the roofs of Kronach…


The initiative to establish a museum in Goldkronach came from the former building contractor Johann Neubauer (1913 – 2007) in 1985. Neubauer, a carpenter, master builder and architect by trade, came from a family of craftsmen and small farmers.

He gathered a rich collection of craft and rural objects, which he donated to the museum. Johann Neubauer became the founding chairman of the Museum Society in 1987 and later its honorary chairman.

Mining copper mountain

The mining museum informs about one of the oldest branches of industry in the Franconian Forest and the Fichtelgebirge and gives an insight into the over 400 million years old rock history of our region.

The main focus is on the development of mining in and around Kupferberg.

Village School Museum

In the former schoolhouse of Ködnitz, the association “Dorfschulmuseum Ködnitz e.V.” documents the former school life of one-class rural schools in Upper Franconia between about 1920 and 1969 in the museum of the same name.

Steam Locomotive Museum

In the middle of beautiful Upper Franconia, at the foot of the Schiefe Ebene, lies the railroad village of Neuenmarkt. The German Steam Locomotive Museum located there offers you a railroad experience of a special kind.

Experience the history of the “black giants” in a historically grown environment and let yourself be inspired by the fascinating steam locomotive technology.


Historically grown as a margravial residence and world-famous for the Richard Wagner Festival, the largest city in Upper Franconia is now a modern business, congress and university city on its way to becoming the region’s high-tech center.

Bayreuth’s sights, its museums and its diverse cultural offerings promise eventful days throughout the year.


Coburg spans the arc between history and modernity, skillfully combining the old with the new. It is not for nothing that the city motto is “Values and Change”. Here, one has just as fine a feeling for tradition as for innovation.

And in the economic as well as in the cultural sphere. In Coburg, people not only know how to work successfully, but also how to live exquisitely. Discover Coburg!


Open daily from 10 am until after midnight. Ideal parking (also for buses & motorhomes) on the large parking lot at Schwedensteg – just a few steps from the Kommunbräu.

Idyllic location: on foot to the city center, to the Plassenburg or to the hotel (also gladly mediation to our hotel partners). Directly on the Weißmain cycle path at the foot of the Plassenburg.